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This is the face of a 20-year-old who has brazenly killed 79 people

Juan Pablo Vazquez is a Mexican drug cartel enforcer who seems to have almost no respect for human life. He was recently picked up by Mexican police carrying 22 bags of cocaine and some marijuana, but that’s really the least of his concerns. Mexican police think he’s responsible for 79 murders. He’s already admitted to [...]

Harry Potter Book Used to Smuggle LSD

A drug smuggler is caught and extradited to New Zealand after attempting to smuggle LSD inside a Harry Potter book.

Russian Surgeon ‘Takes His Cut’ of Drugs Retrieved From Mule

A Russian surgeon was recently summoned by police in the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk to remove drugs from the stomach of a captured drug mule. This in itself is not so unusual given the creative ways that drug mules have taken to stashing their contraband. What is unusual, is that in this case the doctor seems to have taken some of the drugs for himself.

Woman Foiled in Attempt to Deliver ‘The Kiss of Meth’

Bride-to-be Brita West was arrested attempting to smuggle drugs into a county detention center on the day of her jailhouse wedding. Her intended delivery method? When asked to kiss the groom, she allegedly planned to slip him the package of meth she was holding in her mouth.

Police: Man with Face Tattoo Caught Smoking Crack in Car

If you’re going to do something illegal, like say, smoke crack in your car, it’s a good idea to keep a low-profile appearance. Throw on a business casual getup, comb your hair neatly, and you can get away with anything. Boynton Beach, Florida, man Keith Diaferia threw caution to the wind when he allegedly decided [...]

Andrew C. Thornton II and ‘The Company’

Thornton died suddenly when he, his unopened parachute and $1 million of cocaine, landed on the driveway of an astonished Tennessee homeowner. Thornton, it seems, and two childhood friends, all children of privilege and wealth, used their positions of power and their soldier-of-fortune skills to become drug kingpins.

Michael Alig: The Life and Death of the Party

Michael Alig mixed sex, designer drugs and the new sound of House music into the heady cocktail of the Club Kids scene of 1990s Manhattan. But when the party became Alig’s entire life, it went fatally out of bounds.

Scottish Prisoners Use Facebook Mobile to Score, Display Their Drugs

From our friends at the Daily Dot: Scottish prisoners are using Facebook to obtain drugs behind bars, take pictures, and brag about their illegal activities. But now the fun’s over: Authorities are cracking down.

Teens Gone Wild ‘Roofie’ Parents’ Milkshakes for Internet Access

A cautionary tale for strict parents of teenage girls with Internet connections: Beware of daughters bearing tasty treats, especially when there’s a curfew involved.

Man Stands His Ground Against Naked Burglar Choking Dog

Details are still emerging in the case of a Florida homeowner, who shot a nude assailant on his property, wounding him. Despite the bizarre circumstances, police have concluded that this is one "stand your ground" shooting that won’t be challenged in court.

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