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What happens when celebrities are sentenced to rehab?

Celebs can often get alcohol and drug charges reduced to court-ordered rehab, but does it get them clean and sober?

Slideshow: Bad Moms Online

Moms too busy snapping cell phone pics of themselves to take care of their kids.

VIDEO: Flesh-Eating Drug ‘Krocodil’ Makes its Debut in U.S.

The first cases of side effects from using krocodil, aka desomorphine, have surfaced in the U.S. The drug is so caustic that it causes the skin and flesh at the injection site to turn green and scaly — like a crocodile’s — and become infected and necrotic. A krocodil user’s life expectancy is 2-4 years at best.

Mugshots: Arrested, but Still Feelin’ Good

High as kites? Maybe, but these alleged perps weren’t going to let a little arrest get them down.

Rick Flair’s 911 Call Released

The 911 calls made by Ric Flair on March 29, 2013, asking for help for his son Reid Flair, also a wrestler, who was unresponsive. Father and son wrestlers were to tour of the U.S. together.

Coroner’s Verdict: Cocaine Killed Dead American Billionaire

The circumstances surrounding the death of Eva Rausing, whose husband Hans Rausing is a heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune, could not have been more bizarre. After police arrested Hans Rausing for an unrelated offense, he confessed to having lived in the same room as Eva Rausing’s corpse for weeks instead of reporting her death.

Woman Sues in Case of Hep C-Positive Radiology Technician

A Kansas woman has filed a negligence lawsuit relating to the case of David Kwiatkowski, who is believed to have taken his patients’ intravenous drugs and used the infected needles on the patients. The suit alleges that one hospital and two staffing agencies had knowledge of Kwiatkowski’s activities, and failed to pass on that information.

Man Accused of Infecting at Least 30 Patients with Hep C

Medical technician David Kwiatkowski was arrested on July 29, 2012, for using Fentanyl injections prescribed to patients on himself, and then reusing the syringes on the intended patients.

Summer Fun: Freon Huffing on the Rise

It seems that people mostly notice Freon theft in the summer months, but police are saying it’s theft and an increasingly popular form of substance abuse. From ransacked commercial units, to smaller ones serving single family homes, a mysterious lack of Freon could be caused by Freon fiends.

Emaciated Boy Found in Trailer Fire, Father Arrested for Neglect

Emergency personnel were called to the scene of a fire on July 3, 2012, in Deerfield Beach, Fla., when Darin MacDannald’s trailer caught fire. On entering the structure they found his son, who weighed only 85 pounds, and transported him to the Coral Springs Medical Center, where they found much more.

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