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VIDEO: Woman Demontrates how not to Cross the Street

In this dash cam video a woman in Russia is seen crossing a busy road. She is definitely crossing hurriedly outside the cross walk, and though she seems to look, is nearly run over by an oncoming car. Clearly neither saw the other until it was almost too late, perhaps because of the car filming the scene? You decide.

Minnesota Man Loses License for Driving too Slow

This week the Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s decision to revoke Gary Constans’ driver’s license blaming his ignoring “the rules of the road.” Constans is fighting the decision, blaming “communism.”

When Is Texting Illegal?

Texting is a modern addiction, and for some people it’s led to major issues–of the legal variety. Here’s when to put down the touch screen if you don’t want to find yourself typing “FML.”