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Elderly woman attempting to exit garage hits 11 parked cars

A woman, 85, was planning to leave a parking garage with her husband in the car when she backed up and hit two parked cars. Changing direction she then hit two more cars — an Audi A4 and Mercedes B-Class — followed by a Mercedes-Vito and a concrete pillar. Then, panic set in.

Watch: How Not to Park a Car

A good example of how not to park, how not to back up, and of how to get totally hung up on a curb. This surveillance video shows the work of a driver who probably should’ve left the car at home that day.

Epic Driver’s Test Fail: Korean Woman Totals Car, Fails Test in Record Time

In this very short clip taken from a dashcam video recorder, a woman in Korea begins the road test for her driver’s license by gently applying the gas. Then she pretty much drives straight off the road and flips the car while the examiner shouts for her to hit the brakes.

Chinese Woman Kills Self, Husband While Parking

A woman learning to park the family car on June 18, 2013, crushed her husband and killed herself, all in front of the couple’s horrified daughter, 6, who was in the car.

Confused Lady Driver Winds Up in Bike Lane on Bridge

There are some roads that are simply confusing. The infamous “mixing bowl” on Interstate 95 in Virginia is one. Confusion leads to driver error, which can lead to accidents, or just really weird mistakes. This driver’s unimpaired confusion just led to a mistake, which, strangely enough, she is not the first driver to make.

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