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Rapist who burned boy alive to be tried as an adult for murder

Today a Texas judge ruled that Don Collins, 29, may be tried for murder as an adult in the case of Robbie Middleton, 8, who named Collins as the 13-year-old boy who in 1998 raped him, doused him in gas, set him on fire and left him for dead. It took Robbie 13 years to die.

Dying Man Names Rapist Who Burned Him Alive

Robbie Middleton was eight when he was raped and a couple of weeks later, the same attacker poured gasoline over his face and set him on fire to silence him. He was barely kept alive with skin grafts and several hundred operations during what remained of his short, painful life. He died at 21 of skin cancer brought on by his injuries. Before he died, however, Robbie decided that he was going to protect other innocent victims from the depraved monster responsible for his then-imminent death.

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