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Penis-Cutting Wife to Learn her Fate

Husbands and wives have disagreements all the time, and the vast majority of them never make their way into the news. In 2011, however, when a Garden Grove, California, couple’s conflict ended with the husband’s severed penis in the garbage disposal, it was a headliner.

Spurned Florida Woman Violently Yanks Ex’s Penis

It was bound to happen sometime, and when it did, it was probably going to happen in Florida. On April 16, 2013, Laquavia Sharelle Wallace was arrested by domestic battery after she reportedly yanked her boyfriend’s penis violently during an argument about why he didn’t want to get back together with her.

Woman Assaults Boyfriend for Singing Catchy Tune

Samantha Malson had reportedly been drinking all night and arguing with her boyfriend in celebration of his 26th birthday. Around midnight she put on the popular song Thrift Shop, which he started singing, badly, it would seem because Malson then did what many have only dreamt of doing under similar circumstances: she throttled him.

VIDEO: The Most Cinematic Street Fight You’ll Ever See

Most street fight videos are blurry, jumpy, vertical cell phone clips that are only worth watching for the knockout punch. They capture none of the emotion involved in a fight. But what happens when an aspiring filmmaker with some top-notch equipment comes across a domestic disturbance that’s worked its way outside? Presenting Let Me Go Tiff, a fight video worthy of the Cannes film festival.

Abused Heiress Anne Scripps Douglas

Wealthy newspaper heiress Anne Scripps married handsome gold-digger Scott Douglas and all too soon became a battered wife, the victim of his alcohol-fueled rages, terrified of the man she once loved. Sadly for Anne, she was not nearly terrified enough.

Update: Bond Set for Angry Woman Who Ran Over Husband for Re-Electing Obama

When it comes to politics, it is often impossible to convince people when they are wrong. For example Maricopa County woman Holly Solomon, 28, who was arrested for running over her husband, Daniel Solomon, last week because he re-elected President Obama, was wrong on so many levels.

Crime Bi-Athlete Collared for Simultaneous Assault While Driving Impaired

Texas man Stephen Michael Place, 41, went for the gold by assaulting his ex-wife while driving under the influence of drugs. Luckily he was unable to sustain both activities for long, and wound up crashing his Beemer into a tree.

Woman Confesses to Stabbing Husband ‘Because he is Satan’s Spawn’

Police in Horry County, South Carolina, responded to a call about a domestic disturbance to find the victim’s son at home, who told them that his mother had stabbed his father. Turns out that she was saving the world from "Satan’s spawn." Go figure.

Mugshot of the Day

This unnamed woman was arrested for domestic assault. Maybe he was making fun of her eyebrows.

Man Found with Ear in Pocket, and Woman Hot Waxes Boyfriend

Two instances of domestic violence show that both women and men can be effective aggressors.