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How the King of Western Swing lost his crown: The Spade Cooley story

On the night of April 2, 1961, wildly successful and drunk country music band leader Spade Cooley had his wife confess one of her many affairs to his private eye Billy Lewis. Lewis assured her that Cooley was a forgiving man, to which she replied, “I’ll love him until I die.” She was dead the next day.

Man beats girlfriend with anger management class book

No she wasn’t seriously hurt, and no, we didn’t make this up. You can’t make this stuff up.

Domestic dispute about space aliens gets totally weird

A New Mexico couple started their morning arguing about space aliens, which isn’t so odd considering the conspiracy theory surrounding Roswell, New Mexico, but by the time she had donned lingerie and was performing a sex act on a gun, it became bizarre enough to have been a scene taken from a neo-avantgarde film by Fellini.

Woman belted man with Bible over Ten Commandments argument

Is bashing someone in the face with your Bible a violation of the Ten Commandments? Perhaps not, but it is a violation of Georgia battery laws, and will get you arrested.

Chilling murder-suicide 911 call released; Killer left moody Facebook trail

27-year-old Bryan Sweatt made the frantic, desparate 911 call Tuesday telling the operator he was “stressed out” and threatening to kill himself. The operator asks Sweatt if he had a weapon and Sweatt responds, “a 44.” Then you can hear a woman in the background say “Do not point that at me.” Then the line goes dead. Sweatt [...]

Florida woman arrested for squirting boyfriend with water pistol

On September 27, 2013, officers got a call about a domestic incident. They arrived to find an upset and hyperventilating Giovanna Borge, 19, outside the apartment. It didn’t take much prompting to find out that she had just shot her boyfriend of one year — with a water pistol.

The True Story of John Raymond ‘Woody’ Woodring

During the early fall of 2006, a 35-year-old polygamist, con man and published crime writer forced his way into a domestic violence shelter and murdered his estranged wife in cold blood.

Australian Man Sentenced for Stomping Girlfriend to Death

Sean Lee King, 27, of Sydney, Australia, was convicted on drug and firearms offenses in April 2011, but immediately granted parole for time served while he awaited trial on separate assault charges. During that time he brutally beat his girlfriend Jazmin-Jean Ajbschitz, 18, to death in her apartment.

VIDEO: A Victim of Domestic Violence

A young woman agrees to go on camera to talk about the injuries she sustained at the hands of her children’s father. According to cameraman Larry Mellick, who has a channel dedicated to emergency room procedures, the woman sustained a deep 3 cm forehead laceration that required stitches. She also suffered severe bruising and was choked to unconsciousness during the assault.

Mugshot of the Day

We are taught not to judge a book by its cover, but in the case of this particular "book," Michael Campbell, who has an inverted-pentagram forehead tattoo and a large bowtie tattoo on his neck, readers may find not judging to be a challenge.