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Police: Wife beat the crap out of husband who assaulted her

Police in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, were summoned to the home of Derrick Maynard and his wife on December 16, 2013, at around 10 p.m. to find the defendant looking about like he does here in this mugshot. We are not sure what that mark is under his right eye, but are hoping it is a boot print.

VIDEO: Man Attacks Ex in Courtroom

Surveillance footage of Ohio woman Dominique Morrow, 28, who was knocked to the floor and pummeled by her ex-boyfriend Rashad Green, 30, inside a Domestic Relations courtroom during a brief recess. Morrow had requested the hearing to get a protection order against Green; she got it.

Nebraskan Assaults Wife with Sandwich

Western Nebraska man Larry Spurling, 50, of Melbeta, was arrested on September 30, after police received a call from his wife saying that he had pushed her down and smushed a sandwich in her face.

Husband Arrested for Threats Made With Blow Torch, Axe

Minneapolis man Richard Armstrong, 40, found out on September 17, 2012, that his wife had started divorce proceedings against him. He apparently decided that he wanted to talk to her when she got home, probably a good move, but it seems that while waiting for her he got really drunk, not a good move. According [...]

Angry Woman Arrested for Chasing Man With Fishing Pole

A Florida woman was arrested this week when police interrupted what she was about to do to her boyfriend with a knife, a fishing pole and a jagged piece of glass. Last week a Texas woman was arrested for what she actually did do to her man with boiling hot oil and a stripper pole.

Wife Wanted for Dragging Husband on Highway

Lavetta Renee Graham is wanted by Virginia police for assaulting her husband, Derrick, with his SUV and dragging him on the highway.

New Zealand Chainsaw Rampage Over a Box of Beer

A New Zealand man allegedly wreaked havoc with a chainsaw over an argument about some beers last week.

Chastity DuFour Allegedly Beats Toddler Blind

Chastity DuFour is accused of abusing her boyfriend’s son, 3, while he was in her care. The toddler was admitted to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital on May 29 after suffering a seizure, and wound up in the ICU covered from head to toe with bruises, partially blinded, with retinal hemorrhaging and brain damage.

Man Barricades Himself in Hotel Room, Demands to Marry Paris Hilton

In a standoff with police that lasted hours, a man with a history of police standoffs in several states issued some odd demands.

Man Set Ex on Fire, Attack Captured by Surveillance Cameras

Roosevelt Mondesir was supposed to meet his ex at a South Florida 7-Eleven just before 3 a.m. Monday to drop off his son. He left the child at home, instead bringing a gas can and a large knife with which he attacked her at the gas station. Most of the brutal assault on Breton was captured by surveillance cameras, and her terror and suffering recorded on the 911 call.

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