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Alice Mae Van Alstine still missing after 38 years

The unsolved mystery of a young mother of four, missing nearly 40 years and presumed dead. Police and family believe she met with foul play, possibly at the hands of her abusive ex-husband or the right wing group with which he was affiliated. It’s also possible, though unlikely, that the terrified woman just ran for her life.

Maury County Jane Doe unidentified for nearly 40 years

Authorities in Maury County, Tennessee, are still trying to identify the remains of a Jane Doe found by hunters on February 14, 1975. Police think she was killed in the fall of 1974, and dumped about 2 miles from Highway 99 and Joe Brown Road. They have never gotten any leads in the case.

Unsolved murder spotlight: The Caledonia Jane Doe

On November 9, 1979, the body of a teenage girl was discovered by a motorist in Caledonia, New York. She was believed to have died the day prior, of brain hemorrhage resulting from a gunshot to the head.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: The Clark County Jane Doe

In early 2008, police in Clark County, Nevada, received an anonymous letter that included maps of the area around US 93 & Boulder Highway. Police conducted a search and on January 23 discovered a woman’s skull.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: The Napanee Jane Doe

On December 30, 1984, the skeletal remains of a female victim were found in Napanee, Ontario, Canada. The victim is believed to have been 18-25 years of age at the time of death. She is believed to have died over a year before being discovered. Cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma to the head.

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