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Sheriff’s memo to deputies: No sex on the job, no lying on the record

Some may find it surprising that a sheriff would feel the need to remind his deputies that having sex while on duty and that lying on the record are both firing offenses, but the following memo indicates that at least one sheriff thinks that’s exactly what’s needed. Glad we’re all on the same page now.

Couple spared jail time for obnoxious responses to juror questionnaire

A Pennsylvania couple breathed a sigh of relief Tuesday when a judge dropped contempt charges against them for the outrageous answers they gave on a juror questionnaire. The judge called the answers the most “intentionally disrespectful” jury questionnaire he had ever seen, but we have it here, so you can decide for yourself.

Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker fills out a questionnaire

Ever wonder about a serial killer’s interests, most treasured honor or religious views? At some point the late Richard Ramirez filled out a questionnaire about himself, which has found its way online. His answers are snarky, funny and seem honest enough that you can almost forget your reading the thoughts of a man who remorselessly killed 14 people for the love of Satan.

Christmas card from the Zodiac Killer

On December 27, 1969, personal injury lawyer Melvin Belli got a Christmas card from the Zodiac Killer. It contained a bloody piece of the shirt of murdered cab driver Paul Stine, and was deemed by authorities to be authentic. Read the letter in its entirety. The puzzling case of the Zodiac remains unsolved.

Evidence File: Mark Twitchell’s murder manuscript

A key piece of evidence presented at the trial of Canadian killer Mark Twitchell was a 42-page document titled SKConfessions, with the SK standing for “serial killer.” In the manuscript, Twitchell, an amateur filmmaker, claims to detail his “progression into becoming a serial killer” and describes murder in gruesome detail.

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