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The DNA exoneration of David Vasquez & the DNA conviction of serial killer Timothy Spencer

Despite lack of solid evidence, a mentally retarded man is convicted of raping and murdering a woman in 1984. It would take four more murders committed in a similar fashion–and a battery of DNA tests–for the real killer to be brought to justice.

Slideshow: Exonerated

Cases of the innocent incarcerated, showing how even convictions beyond reasonable doubt are now subject to scientific review.

DNA poop test will bust offending dogs (and owners!)

Dog owners beware! A new company can match offending dog poop DNA with the dog and its owner. What’s it called? Pooprints, naturally.

Cops Use DNA to Catch Burglar Who Didn’t Flush

Police in Oklahoma have upped the ante on burglars everywhere by DNA testing the poop of a suspect who broke into a home, January 23, 2913, stole several items and hurriedly used the toilet forgetting to flush.

The DNA Revolution

Before DNA testing, the solving of crimes allowed much room for error — error that could mean conviction of the innocent and freedom for the guilty. Read about how DNA revolutionized criminal justice forever.

DNA Database of British Felines Helps Convict Killer

In a breakthrough moment in the history of criminal investigation, police in England solved a murder with the help of a shiny new DNA database of British felines — yup, the bad guy was collared by his own cat’s fur.

Cathleen Crowell Webb, Gary Dotson and the Rape That Never Was

A teen girl, fearing pregnancy after having sex with her boyfriend, fabricates a rape. She describes her fictional assailant to a police sketch artist, and when police show her the photo of someone who looks similar, she sends him to prison for a decade. DNA evidence would finally free Gary Dotson, but his life would never be the same.

Is Convicted Parent Killer Sarah Johnson Innocent?

Sarah Johnson was 18 years old when she was sentenced to two life terms for the murder of her parents in their Bellevue, Idaho, home. Diane and Alan Johnson were found dead from gunshot wounds on Sept. 2, 2003; Diane still in bed, and Alan on the floor, his hair wet from the shower. Now, a team of attorneys say she is innocent, and that DNA evidence found at the scene could prove it.

Town Council Plans DNA Testing of Unscooped Dog Poop

According to the September 24, 2012, minutes of the Sundridge with Ide Hill Parish Council of Kent Parish in the UK, doggie poo printing may become a harsh reality if dog owners don’t do the right thing.

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