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The true story of exonerated Roy Brown

On January 23, 1992, a jury sentenced Brown to 25 years for the murder of Sabina Kulakowski. Despite the evidence against him, Brown maintained his innocence for fifteen long years from his prison cell.

French jewel thief DNA betrayed by a kiss

The case reads almost like a plot taken from a film noire: A woman is tortured by two men for information. She breaks. They seem to share a moment of intimacy, one assailant kisses her. She uses his his kiss to exact her revenge. Only in Paris.

Accused man blames DNA evidence on his twin

An army officer accused of sexually assaulting several young girls in Colorado is planning to use the prosecution’s DNA evidence to point to another suspect — his identical twin brother.

The DNA Revolution

Before DNA testing, the solving of crimes allowed much room for error — error that could mean conviction of the innocent and freedom for the guilty. Read about how DNA revolutionized criminal justice forever.

Update: DNA Match Between Boston Strangler Murder and Albert DeSalvo

Authorities have confirmed a match between DNA found at the 1964 murder scene of Mary Sullivan and confessed Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo claiming "unprecedented level of certainty&quote; that DeSlavo raped and killed Sullivan.

Police: Body Parts Found in Detroit Sewer Belong to Two Different Women

The DNA results are in and indicate that the two sets of cubed human remains found in sewers in Warren and Sterling Heights, Michigan, do not belong to the same person.

Scientists Want to Prove Existence of Bigfoot, Ask for Hair Sample

Hair samples are being sought for a study to prove the existence of the legendary creature called Bigfoot, also known as a the Sasquatch, or the Yeti. According to the London A.P., Oxford University and Lausanne Museum of Zoology researchers reached out this week to museums, scientists and Sasquatch aficionados, asking for a hair sample [...]

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