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Slideshow: Shortest celebrity marriages

Some of the most short-lived celebrity marriages on record.

Most insanely complex celebrity divorces

The course of celebrity love never did run smooth — so just imagine how bad divorce can get.

Slideshow: Gay divorce court

And the secret to a happy marriage happily remains a secret.

Jarrod Davidson: Murderous family secret

When police arrived at the scene of Jarrod Davidson’s murder, they were already familiar with the family and the contentious divorce and custody battle Jarrod was having with his wife, Kelee. Detectives were sure she was involved, but didn’t realize that when Jarrod had left his wife, her whole family had taken offense.

Belgian Man Seeks Annulment After Discovering That His Wife was a Man

A Belgian man, who divorced his then-wife and in 1993 married the family’s Indonesian aux pair, is trying to have the marriage annulled after discovering that his wife is a transsexual.

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