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Brazil: Soccer Ref Decapitated After Stabbing Player

It’s a well-known fact that sports fans in Brazil take their soccer very seriously, but when a referee expelled Josenir Abreu from a game over the weekend of June 30, 2013, and stabbed him to death, even fans knew something was wrong — so they stormed the field, and ripped the ref to pieces.

‘Canadian Psycho’ was Previously Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

A newly-released document reveals that "Canadian Psycho" Luka Magnotta was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia years before he allegedly killed, dismembered and mailed parts of Jun Lin across Canada.

Cross-Dressing California Man Caught Cooking his Wife

Oceanside couple Frederick Joseph Hengl and his wife Anna-Marie Faris weren’t the perfect neighbors. She seemed mentally disturbed and rarely bathed. He was known around North Ditmar Street as a cross-dresser and general odd bird. When police were finally called in to investigate the overpowering stench emanating from their home, no one expected a scene so macabre.

Suspect in Dismemberment of Couple Due in Court

Roger Bowling, 39, of Allen Park, Mich., is charged with killing a couple he lived with. The dismembered bodies of Chris Hall, 42, and his fiance Danielle Greenway, 32, were found in the Detroit River Tuesday. Fishermen alerted authorities after spotting two mutilated torsos in the water. Their missing body parts, as well as a suitcase and a circular saw were discovered nearby.

Man Kills Son to Sell Body Parts

Police in Mozambique confirmed on June 25, 2012, that they had arrested an unidentified man from Manhica, for killing, decapitating, and castrating his own son to sell the body parts to a human-organ trafficker for 500,000 meticais (about US$18,000).

More Body Parts Found in Missouri

After finding a human hand in June, officials in Jackson County, Mo., announced today that they have found a human foot along the Little Blue Trace Trail near Independence.

Body Parts Mailed to Schools Belonged to Magnotta Victim, Authorities Confirm

Authorities always suspected that the severed foot and hand sent to two Vancouver schools belonged to Jun Lin, the Chinese student brutally murdered by “Canadian Psycho” Luka Magnotta. DNA test results released on Wednesday confirmed it.

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