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Vermin Infested Baby Found and Removed from Squalid Home

Police responding to a call about animal abuse found a baby infested and bitten by fleas, ticks and cockroaches. Investigators believe the baby was kept locked in a cage. The parents have a history of child abuse.

Police: Mom Offered Sex for Pay in Filthy House

After being tipped off by neighbors, police arranged a date between Renee Marie Garcia and an undercover officer. Garcia brought the officer to the home where she and Orellana lived with four children, aged between 7 and 13. There, according to police records, the officer saw a disturbing scene: the home was uniformly coated in filth, and the two boys and two girls were living among drug paraphernalia, garbage and mildew.

Toddlers Left in Car Die of Heat Exposure

A mother is under arrest after police found her two young children dead of apparent heat exposure. Samantha Harper said she put her kids, Daniel Marise, 3, and Savannah Marise, 2, in the car, went back into her home, and fell asleep.

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