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Man Sues Denver Over Jail Assault, Scalded Genitals

Jamal Hunter has filed a Complaint and Jury Demand against the City of Denver and several of its deputies for doing nothing in the face of the extreme abuse he suffered at the hands of inmates and deputies while incarcerated at the jail for a misdemeanor offense.

Denver Man Allegedly Slammed Baby on Floor to Quiet It

The child ultimately gave up its struggle for life, and child abuse charges against the father have now been upgraded to murder charges.

VIDEO: 12 Dead, Over 50 Wounded in Colorado Cinema Shooting

A witness present during the deadly shooting that took place last night during the premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ at an Aurora, CO cinema has posted a video taken right after a gunman shot 14 people dead and injured 50.

Parents Sentenced to Forty Years in Death of Three Month Old

Parents plead guilty to murder of son, 3 months old, who was found unresponsive with both legs fractured, a fractured wrist, and second to third-degree burns.

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