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Dennis Nilsen: A horrifying Englishman

At work on February 9, 1983, Dennis Nilsen told a co-worker, “If I’m not in tomorrow, I’ll either be ill, dead, or in jail.” They both laughed. Returning home that day Nilsen found police waiting for him at his flat. They had found human remains in the sewer pipes that could only have come from his unit. A search of Nilsen’s closet uncovered several bags of male remains in various stages of decomposition.


A look at necrophiles and famous cases of sexual and non-sexual necrophilia.

Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen’s Old Flat for Sale — at a Steal

As authorities in Cleveland, Ohio, demolish the home where Ariel Castro held three women captive for over a decade, the owners of the London, England, apartment, in which serial killer Dennis Nilsen killed three, plan to sell it.

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