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The definitive Edmund Kemper

A deeply troubled but intelligent teenager, Edmund Kemper killed his grandparents, then six female hitchhikers, then his mother and her friend. He turned himself in on April 23, 1973, and is now spending the rest of his days in a California prison. Find all the information on Kemper that Crime Library has to offer here, all in once place.

Rodney Alcala, “Dating Game” murderer

In 1978, Rodney Alcala was a winning contestant on the television game show “The Dating Game.” Rodney would eventually be famous for other reasons which included ruthless murders of women and teenage boys. As time goes on, suspicion continues to rise on how many people Rodney has actually killed.

The Definitive Aileen Wuornos

All the information you need to know about serial killer Aileen Wuornos in one place. Learn about her life and the actions that made her one of the most famous female killers in American history.

The Definitive Ottis Toole

Here it is: everything you need to know (and some stuff you’d rather not) about serial killer Ottis Toole. Look out for more pages like this about other famous criminals.

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