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Unsolved murder spotlight: Earl Cossey, the man who packed D.B. Cooper’s chute

Earl Cossey, the sky diving instructor who packed the chutes for hijacker D.B. Cooper just before he jumped off a plane and into mystery, was found murdered in his Washington State home last April. Over a year later, there is still no movement on the case. A look back at Cossey’s murder and his connection to the infamous Cooper.

Today in Crime History: Legendary daredevil DB Cooper vanishes with $200,000

On November 24, 1971, the eve of Thanksgiving “Dan Cooper” entered into infamy and mystery when he parachuted from the plane he had just hijacked with 21 lbs. of $20 bills and disappeared into the night, forever. This case remains one of the most enduring mysteries of the 20th century.

Recent Homicide Puts D.B. Cooper Case in Headlines Again

In a story that may well have conspiracy theorists buzzing for decades, the suspicious death of a man who is believed to have packed infamous hijacker D.B. Cooper’s parachutes, has been ruled a homicide. Further investigation will reveal, it is hoped, whether this is a strange coincidence, or not.

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