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The man convicted of infecting 45 patients with Hep C is sentenced

Sometimes we report about a case and never get to hear about it’s conclusion. This time, however, in the case of a traveling hospital worker with a drug habit, who knowingly infecting 45 people with the hepatitis C virus, we are glad to say he will be locked away for a very long time.

Woman Sues in Case of Hep C-Positive Radiology Technician

A Kansas woman has filed a negligence lawsuit relating to the case of David Kwiatkowski, who is believed to have taken his patients’ intravenous drugs and used the infected needles on the patients. The suit alleges that one hospital and two staffing agencies had knowledge of Kwiatkowski’s activities, and failed to pass on that information.

Man Accused of Infecting at Least 30 Patients with Hep C

Medical technician David Kwiatkowski was arrested on July 29, 2012, for using Fentanyl injections prescribed to patients on himself, and then reusing the syringes on the intended patients.

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