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Former Roommate Recalls Conversations With Detroit Dismemberment Suspect

Roger Bowling, 39, of Allen Park, Mich., appeared in court yesterday to face murder charges in the deaths of his ex-girlfriend Danielle Greenway, 32, and her fiance, Chris Hall, 42. On July 17, authorities discovered two beheaded, dismembered torsos floating in the Detroit River. A former roommate of Bowling’s who’d known the suspect since childhood testified in court yesterday that Bowling had long been planning to kill and dismember Greenway.

Suspect in Dismemberment of Couple Due in Court

Roger Bowling, 39, of Allen Park, Mich., is charged with killing a couple he lived with. The dismembered bodies of Chris Hall, 42, and his fiance Danielle Greenway, 32, were found in the Detroit River Tuesday. Fishermen alerted authorities after spotting two mutilated torsos in the water. Their missing body parts, as well as a suitcase and a circular saw were discovered nearby.

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