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Update: Shoe salesman who tried to eat girlfriend’s toes is sentenced

Daniel Anaya, 28, of New Mexico, was sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison for assaulting his ex-girlfriend in April 2013. This was the third such attack by the former shoe salesman on the woman, who had taken out a restraining order against him after the second incident. This time, he attacked with his teeth, but brought a cigar cutter to do the job right.

Stalker Tries to Sever Ex’s Toe for Third Time

A Santa Fe, New Mexico, man was arrested after seeking emergency medical treatment from being stabbed with a metal fork by his ex. Hospital personnel summoned police, who were able to determine that Daniel Anaya, 27, sustained the injury during an attack on his ex-girlfriend, in which he allegedly tried to cut off her toe, again.

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