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Searching for a Hitman in the Deep Web

From our friends at The Daily Dot: The arrest of alleged Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht has brought renewed interest in the shadowy Deep Web network. While most of the attention has been paid to the trafficking of illegal narcotics, even a quick tour through the Deep Web shows the prevalence of another type of clandestine service: contract killers.

It’s Finally Illegal for Californians to Post Revenge Porn Online

From our friends at The Daily Dot: Finally, it’s illegal for Californians to post pictures of you naked online without your consent. Now posting “revenge porn”—typically the purview of seedy, spurned exes—can earn Golden State residents up to six months in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Chinese Teen Arrested for Getting More Than 500 Retweets

From our friends at The Daily Dot: It took a little more than a week for China to make its first arrest under a controversial new law against “online rumors,” which criminalizes popular online posts—those by more than 5,000 people or reblogged more than 500 times—that start or spread false information.

Anti-Pedophile Vigilantes Lash out at Their Critics With Online Threats

From our friends at The Daily Dot: When two sisters slammed an anti-pedophile group for naming-and-shaming a suspect who later took his own life, the vigilantes turned their attention towards the siblings with threats that left them fearing for their safety.

Wealthy Texas Mom Gets 14 Years for Distributing Child Porn

From our friends at The Daily Dot: A “Classybitch” in Dallas just admitted to a federal court that she’s got a nasty habit of downloading and sharing really, really, vile collections of child pornography.

Is This a Dead Body in a Pickup Truck on Google Street View?

From our friends at The Daily Dot: There are probably all kinds of reasons for why what appears to be a headless woman with her feet turned at bizarre opposite angles seems to be lying in the back of a Ford truck that Reddit spotted on Google Street View this weekend. Probably.

Admitted Pedophile Arrested After ‘Horrible’ Craigslist Post

From our friends at The Daily Dot: Sometimes it takes a major investigation to catch a pedophile. Other times, a man will allegedly post a picture of a child to Craigslist, claim the two have sex, and bring the cops right to his door.

After 4chan Manhunt, Cat-Kicker Slapped With Animal Cruelty Charges

From our friends at the Daily Dot: Walter Easley, the South Carolina teenager who recorded video of himself kicking a cat, has been charged with cruelty to animals thanks to4chan.

Teen Commits Suicide After Skype Blackmail

From our friends at the Daily Dot: In less than an hour, what was to have been an innocent Web chat between Daniel Perry and a girl turned deadly. Blackmailers jumped into the Skype chat; warning they’d share a recording of the conversation and that if he didn’t pay up, he’d be “better off dead.”

Apparent U.S. Crackdown Cripples Dark Web’s Pedophile Communities

From our friends at the Daily Dot: On Saturday morning, a shock wave hit the Dark Web, a collection of sites hidden behind walls of encryption and anonymity on the Tor network. Someone had compromised and essentially destroyed Freedom Hosting, the Dark Web’s most popular anonymous hosting company.