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Slideshow: Meth madness

Methamphetamine, aka meth, crystal or crank is hyper-addictive by any name. It seems there is no limit to what users will do to get it, nor to the extreme behaviors its use can cause. A survey of some high-profile meth cases.

Meth-Fueled ‘BDSM’ Tryst Ends in Trip to ER, Arrest

A Phoenix, Ariz., man who dropped his bleeding, injured wife off at the emergency room on July 21, 2013, was arrested after police found an array of bloody bondage equipment in their bedroom. The wife, who admitted to having smoked a little meth that day, said she was assaulted by a demon.

Charges Elevated Against Man on Meth who Set Dog on Fire

One bright spot in the sad story of Socks the Chihuahua, who died horribly as a result of being doused with flammable liquid and set on fire by his meth-head owner, is that charges against that owner, Brandon Pierce, have been elevated to felony-level charges.

Mother Tries to Kill Son Because ‘Jesus’ Said To

Maricopa County Arizona woman Victoria Soliz, 30, has been arrested after a neighbor reported seeing her in his front yard holding her son’s face down in a puddle.

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