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Woman sentenced to 10 years for animal snuff porn

Ashley Richards was sentenced today to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to making fetishist “hard crush” videos. “Hard crush” fetishists get gratification from watching cute animals get tortured with knives and such, and then stomped to death by women’s feet, bare or in high heels. A look at Richards’ case and the twisted road to outlawing crush porn.

Animal Stomping Fetish Videos are Dilemma for Courts, Crushing Blow for Animal Lovers

Does watching a high-heeled woman stomp the life out of a kitten float your boat? Probably not. But there exists a subculture of humanity that scours the internet for so-called “crush videos.” Now the legality of such videos–and whether banning them violates free speech rights–is debated in Federal court.

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