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Crocodile injured by falling accountant

The crocodile, Feodor, a 6.5-foot-long male circus performer, was resting peacefully under a blanket on the bus with the rest of his coworkers, on May 20, 2014, when the vehicle hit a large pot hole. That’s when he was hit, out of nowhere, by a large 264-pound female accountant, leaving the reptilian artist in shock.

Terrified girl reports possible alligator attack, police find chameleon

Police in in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, got a call from a terrified girl, who reported a crocodile in her family’s backyard, saying that it was about to attack her, and that it was flapping its tongue. That should have been a clue.

WATCH: Crocodile Bites Trainer’s Head

Crocodile trainer Pravit Suebmee, 27, who for eight years has been the guy who puts his head in the large reptile’s mouth, got the surprise of his career over the weekend when the disgruntled crocodile clapped its jaws shut on his extended head and shook it.

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