Crime Library: Criminal Minds and Methods

Sex slaves, their captors and the psychology of mastery

A look at some of the most interesting and high-profile cases in which individuals and couples became obsessed with taking sex slaves.

Men and Supermen: The Nietzsche Syndrome

Nineteenth-century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche proposed the idea that the superior man, his Übermensch, is not bound by social mores, but lives by rules of his own making. An look at some notorious killers, Adolph Hitler among them, who embraced this philosophy, the idea that they were superior — beyond good and evil.

Serial Killer Art, Therapy With a Profit Motive

Whether created out of boredom, greed, or for purposes of therapy, violent offenders find a ready market for their drawings, paintings, poetry and songs.

Bad to the Bone: All About Criminal Motivation

On the night of May 24, 2000, John Taylor and Craig Godineaux robbed a Wendy’s of $2000 in coins, and killed five of the seven bound and defenseless employees to cover their tracks. An examination of the many theories of the causes of crime and criminal behavior: Genes, environment, or eating too many Twinkies?

Dr. Michael Welner: Psychiatry, the Law, and Depravity

Most of us recognize depravity when we see it, but Welner, who believes courts and jurors need a standardized barometer of depraved crimes and evil actions, developed the Depravity Scale to help them decide how depraved a particular crime is before sentencing.