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Pro athletes, from victors to victims

Fame, fortune and world-class fitness prove no defense against legal troubles and crime for athletes off the field.

Craigslist Crimes and Misdemeanors

It really is possible to find anything on Craigslist, but you never know who’s reading your ads.

Greatest acts of vandalism of all time

From art to trash bins and everything in between; nothing is safe from vandals.

Slideshow: Senior moments

Immature, impetuous, illegal — and arrested — these days grandmas and grandpas aren’t necessarily what they used to be.

Slideshow: Gross misconduct

A collection of crimes guaranteed to spoil your appetite.

Slideshow: Christmas Crime

A collection of grinchy crimes of the holidays, from the Crime Library to you.

Slideshow: Mugshot model search

Some of the prettiest faces to ever pose for the police camera.

Slideshow: Scandalous evangelists

Followers of Family Radio owner Harold Camping were warned to prepare for the end of the world on Oct 21, 2011, postponed from the original date of May 21. A look in photos at some dubious shepherds who led their flocks astray.

Slideshow: Smugglers’ secrets

Are your pants full of exotic songbirds or are you just happy to see me? A look at some of the strange places that smugglers hide their goods.

Today in Crime History: The world ends, according to radio evangelist Harold Camping

In 1994, Christian Radio host and president of the Family Radio Christian Network Harold Camping told his listeners that the world would end on May 21, 2011. When it didn’t, he adjusted his calculations, and announced that the world would end on October 21, 2011; it didn’t. A look in photos at dubious shepherds who led their flocks astray.