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Slideshow: Schoolteachers in the slammer

Teachers’ entanglements with the law.

Pro athletes: From victors to victims

Fame, fortune and world-class fitness prove no defense against legal troubles and violent crime for athletes off the field.

Extreme hazing: When frats and sororities cross the line

Though fraternal organizations have condemned hazing practices, reckless and even lethal hazing still occurs. A look in photos at some prominent cases.

These people thought they could blackmail celebrities

When not-so-adoring fans try to shake down popular celebrities.

Craziest star stalkers

When fame makes beloved celebrities vulnerable to dangerous stalkers…

Craigslist Crimes and Misdemeanors

It really is possible to find anything on Craigslist, but you never know who’s reading your ads.

Greatest acts of vandalism of all time

From art to trash bins and everything in between; nothing is safe from vandals.

Slideshow: Senior moments

Immature, impetuous, illegal — and arrested — these days grandmas and grandpas aren’t necessarily what they used to be.

Slideshow: Gross misconduct

A collection of crimes guaranteed to spoil your appetite.

Slideshow: Christmas Crime

A collection of grinchy crimes of the holidays, from the Crime Library to you.

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