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The Jodi Arias Trial

When the trial opened on January 2, 2013, prosecutors portrayed Travis Alexander as a "good man." They asserted Jodi Arias seduced him, stalked him when he broke off the relationship, and finally murdered him in a jealous fit when she discovered he was dating other women. Prosecutor Juan Martinez stated, "This is not a case of whodunit. The whodunit sits in court today."

Slideshow: No body, no murder? Not so fast.

The body of a murder victim often provides important information about the killer, not to mention confirmation that a murder has actually occurred. Though authorities face great challenges in bringing a killer to justice without the victim’s body, such cases are not hopeless.

These Houses Have Gruesome Stories

A tour of 35 houses that stood in mute witness to some of the most horrific murders of the time. If these walls could talk, they would scream.

We Love this Artist’s Photos of Tiny Crime Scenes

Corinne May Botz is a New York City artist who has photographed a collection of miniature crime scenes used to train police detectives. They’re haunting and awesome.

Google’s Cameras See Everything, Even Possible Murder

An aerial image posted online has been the subject of debate: some say it depicts a murder scene, while other argue that the “dead body” is actually a wet dog. A different Google earth image, however, leaves much less room for doubt.

Call for Submissions! What is Your City’s Most Notorious Crime Scene?

Do you live near a famous jail, a haunted hospital or the scene of a historic murder? Tell us about it! Send us a photo of the place and a brief description of why it’s significant, and we’ll feature it on our website.

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