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Today in Crime History: Zodiac Killer slays college student

On the night of Sunday, October 30, 1966, long before anyone was to hear of the Zodiac, an 18-year-old student named Cheri Jo Bates was brutally murdered near the parking lot of Riverside City College’s library annex. Neither rape nor robbery seemed to have been a motive, as her clothes were undisturbed and her purse was present and intact.

Today in Crime History: Dominick Dunne is Born

Dominick Dunne, born October 29, 1925, was a society and crime writer and investigative journalist. When his daughter Dominique was killed by a jealous boyfriend, Dunne became deeply involved in reporting on topics of crime and justice. A photographic overview of Dunne’s life and the notorious crimes he’s covered.

Today in Crime History: Capital Beltway Snipers apprehended

In October of 2002, the Washington D.C. area was terrorized by a series of sniper shootings that claimed ten lives. On October 24, the perpetrators, John Allen Muhhamad and Lee Boyd Malvo, were found sleeping in their car and arrested on federal weapons charges. A look at the case in photos.

Today in Crime History: Dutch Shultz shot by hitmen

On October 23, 1935, “Beer Baron of the Bronx” Dutch Shultz and his crew sat at the Palace Chophouse at 12 East Park Street in Newark, New Jersey, which Shultz used as his home base. Two hitmen working for Murder Inc. entered and opened fire, wounding Shultz and killing two of his bodyguards and an accountant. Shultz died the next day.

The Most Haunted Crime Scenes

Some say you can still hear the souls of the murdered creeping listlessly about these famous crime scenes, some even claim to have seen them.

Today in Crime History: The Brinks robbery of 1981

On October 20, 1981, two homegrown American terrorist groups, one white and one black, joined brutal forces to fund their anti-American causes with the robbery of an armored Brinks truck, and the cold-blooded murder of two New York cops and a guard.

Joe Hunt: White collar psychopath

Young psychopathic genius Joe Hunt and his prep school buddies started the Billionaire Boys Club, an investment and social club run as a Ponzi scheme that made them a fortune. They squandered it and finally turned to murder.

Punk Rock Romeo and Juliet: Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen

At about 11 a.m. on October 12, 1978, the desk clerk at the Chelsea Hotel in New York City received a call from outside the hotel: “There’s trouble in Room 100.” A bellboy entered the room and found the scantily clad, blood-smeared body of 20-year-old Nancy Spungen in the bathroom. Her boyfriend, punk rocker Sid Vicious, was pacing the halls, high on heroin, his face smeared with tears.

Today in Crime History: George Jo Hennard Opens Fire at Texas Eatery, Killing 23

Wielding a Glock 17 and a Ruger P89, a deranged George Jo Hennard, 35, drove his Ford pickup through the front window of Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen on October 16, 1991. Hennard began shooting into the crowded eatery, taking many lives before committing suicide. Read about this and other notorious mass murders across the United States.

Today in Crime History: Killer Millionaire Steals Chicken Sandwich

On October 9, 2001, with more than $500 in his pocket, Robert Durst decided to steal a sandwich. Police were called, and a routine background check revealed that the odd-looking 58-year-old shoplifter was wanted for a mutilation murder in Texas, was a prime suspect in another murder in Los Angeles, and was also wanted for questioning in the 1982 disappearance of his first wife in New York.