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The Most Haunted Crime Scenes

Some say you can still hear the souls of the murdered creeping listlessly about these famous crime scenes, some even claim to have seen them.

Today in Creepy: Sinister Clown Haunts English Village, Facebook

A mysterious clown is stalking an English town while creating a stir by anonymously posting on Facebook.

VIDEO: Serial Killer Tommy Lynn Sells ‘I Am Hate’

This death-row interview with the serial killer who called himself “Coast to Coast” for the geographic reach of his 30-year rampage, provides the viewer with a good look into the dark abyss that is the mind of a true serial killer; it is not for the faint-hearted.

Former Mortician who Stripped Bodies for Parts Hired by Cemetery

Former New Jersey funeral director Steven Finley, convicted of desecrating corpses to sell the parts on the medical transplant market and barred from ever being a mortician again, was discovered working at a cemetery to the shock of the community and the families of his victims.

VIDEO: Puppeteer accused of planning to eat kids talks porn with puppet

Before it came out that puppeteer Ronald Brown was allegedly involved in all sorts of child porn rings and planned to kill and eat a young child, he appeared on the Christian children’s show Joy Junction along with his puppet Marty. In this clip from the show, Marty confesses to Ron that some friends showed him “dirty pictures.”

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