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Cow massager ignites gas from 90 flatulent cows, blows barn roof

According to police in Germany, a January 27 barn fire in Rasdorf, Germany, was caused by a massive cow-fart explosion. It seems that the methane emitted by the gassy animals built up in the barn until “a static electric charge caused the gas to explode with flashes of flames.”

Police: Woman on phone ran over herd of cattle

With a name like Daisy Cowit, it’s probably inevitable that she would eventually have a cow encounter, but not necessarily a 50-cow encounter with the cows hitting the front end of her car all at once.

Renowned Embryologist Attacked by his own ‘Frankencow’

Like a scene right out of Mary Shelly’s nightmarish Gothic novel Frankenstien, Korean embryologist Park Se-pill was attacked by one of his own creations. Unlike Dr. Frankenstein, Park was not attacked by a hideous reanimation of criminals’ dead body parts, but by a cow he cloned from the cell of a dead cow. Still, the irony is there.

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