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Guy shows up to court carrying 43 bags of heroin

People have been known to react strangely to the fact having to make a court appearance. In November a woman running late called in a bomb threat to the courthouse, in December a man stole a truck to get to court, and this week a New Jersey man allegedly brought his illicit business with him.

Video Confession Guy Goes Against his Word, Pleads NOT GUILTY

Matthew Cordle, the man who promised on Youtube to take responsibility for his drunk driving crash that killed a man, surprised a court today when he plead not guilty. He says he’ll make good and enter a guilty at his next appearance on Sept 18th.

When Is Texting Illegal?

Texting is a modern addiction, and for some people it’s led to major issues–of the legal variety. Here’s when to put down the touch screen if you don’t want to find yourself typing “FML.”

Coach Convicted of Sexual Relationship With Teen Faints at Sentencing

A former high school water polo coach from San Mateo, Ca., nearly collapsed in court after hearing the judge read his sentence: two years in prison and a lifetime on the sex offender registry for reportedly engaging in a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl.

Unbelievable Rape Ruling in LA Appeals Court

In 2009, Julio Morales allegedly raped an 18-year-old woman who at first thought he was her boyfriend. A court in California has ruled in favor of the accused rapist based on an outdated 1872 statute that states that rape has been committed if the victim was “under the belief that the person committing the act is her husband,” but not her boyfriend.

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