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Slideshow: Caught in costume

These people might have had different reasons for being in costume, to fight crimes, to commit them, or just to have fun, but they all have one thing in common: they all wound up arrested in them.

Alert: Last Chance to Buy Sexy Sesame Street Costumes

The folks over at Sesame Street have gotten wind of the unlicensed Sexy Big Bird costume, and have taken legal steps to get it pulled off the market. A look also at some other sexy, disturbing, unlicensed Sesame Street characters.

Burger King Guy Causes Disturbance at McDonald’s

A McDonald’s in Rome, Georgia, was apparently targeted by a trouble maker dressed as none other than the Burger King guy, who suspiciously handed out free burgers, and scared one of the children.

Cross-Dressing Crime Spree Hits the Big Easy

According to authorities in New Orleans, robbers in drag have hit local area businesses at least four times since June 22. Witnesses and surveillance cameras indicated that the suspects operate as a two-man team: One, who is stocky and stands about six-feet tall and wears a black dress and a long black wig, and another, who wears dark jeans and a dark shirt. The one in the wig is being called the Wig Bandit.

‘Anti-Semitic Elmo’ Arrested

An unidentified man dressed in an Elmo costume, who some reports are calling “Anti-Semitic Elmo,” was removed from New York’s Central Park Zoo on June 24, 2012, by police after posing for photos with tourists, screaming curses at them and ranting about the "Global Jewish Conspiracy."

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