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Video: Cop pushes suspect in wheelchair

Police have released dash cam video of an October 1, 2013, arrest in Lafayette, Indiana, in which the former Lt. Tom Davidson, now demoted to officer and given 30 days suspension without pay, is shown knocking down a wheelchair-bound man before arresting him for running over his foot.

Video: Cop patrols on skateboard

Another first for the U.S. police: We have a dancing cop, a Grinchy cop, a cop who plays catch with kids, and now a skate cop. His mere existence confirms the decades-old statement: skateboarding isn’t a crime. In fact, he says, “skateboarders aren’t just punk kids causing trouble. They’re all kinds of people in your community; they’re even your police force.”

Video: Ever wonder about cops and doughnuts?

What is the deal with cops and doughnuts anyway? This brief video will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the relationship between law enforcement and tasty fried dough.

Florida’s ‘Grinch’ cop issues onions instead of citations

There’s one cop who likes to give speeders a brake during the holidays, and that is Major Lou Caputo, of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. During the Christmas season Caputo dresses like a Grinch, and rather than issuing citations to speeders, gives them really raunchy onions instead.

Watch: Providence’s dancing cop

Here on the Crime Library we’ve seen all kinds of cops: good cops, bad cops, serious cops, nice cops. Today we present the “Dancing Cop.” As far as we know he is the only one of his kind, but we sincerely hope to see more of this kind of police officer in the future — and not just at Christmas.

Slideshow: Crooked cops

From officers passed-out drunk while driving their cruisers, to prescription-drug scams, to simple abuse of authority; we present a rogue’s gallery of bent cops.

Fired Cops Offer Ridiculous Reasons for Failing Cocaine Test

Six Boston cops who were fired after testing positive for cocaine have been given their jobs back after a board ruled that the hair test used was unreliable. Four other cops who were fired for positive cocaine tests had their dismissals upheld by the board, despite their brilliant explanations for why they tested positive.

Former Trooper Accidentally Shoots Self in Mall Dressing Room

In the wake of the Aurora movie theater shootings, other shoppers are not amused.

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