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Slideshow: Serial killers killed in prison

Killed for their choice of victim, for snitching, or for just being rude, these serial killers avoided the death penalty, only to be cut down by fellow inmates.

Catherine Kieu Convicted of Torture for Cutting Off Husband’s Penis

After less than a day of deliberating, a California jury convicted Catherine Kieu of torture and aggravated mayhem for cutting off her estranged husband’s penis and mangling it in a garbage disposal.

Serial Conman ‘Clark Rockefeller’ Convicted of Murder

John Sohus was last seen in 1985. It took 10 years to find his remains. Another 15 years went by before his alleged killer Christian Gerhartsreiter (then known as Clark Rockefeller) was captured by authorities. But a Los Angeles jury needed just one day to find Gerhartsreiter guilty of murder.

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