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Slideshow: Great escapes and manhunts

From the "Great Escape" to the not-so-great "Toilet Escape", these are the most amazing jailbreaks both recent and historic, as well as massive police searches and manhunts.

Slideshow: Prisoners’ dilemma

Imprisonment may stop the criminal from threatening society, but it doesn’t stop the criminal. A look at some crimes that occurred behind the barbed-wire fences of the Big House.

France’s Worst Enemy: Convicted Criminal Kills and Mutilates 18-Year-Old Victim

Tony Meilhon, 31, found Laetitia Perrais riding her scooter along the road near Pornic in western France shortly after she had thwarted his sexual advances in his car that night. After knocking her off her scooter with his car, he then choked and stabbed 18-year-old Laetitia before dismembering her body.

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