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Photo: Full body scan foils inmate with phone up his butt

In all honesty, there aren’t a whole lot of places for a guy in prison to stash his valuables, and jailers pretty much know where to look.

The crazy places inmates hide stuff on and in their persons

It’s not just what prisoners choose to hide and and where, in some cases it’s also the sheer volume of objects jailers find during body-cavity searches that is truly stunning, anything from guns to grenades, to yes, even MP3 players and headphones.

Are cats the new contraband mule?

In three incidents so far this year, cats have been caught smuggling contraband into prisons around the world.

UPDATE: Oklahoma Woman Who Hid Loaded Gun in Vagina Sentenced

A woman who used her vagina to smuggle a loaded gun into an Oklahoma lockup has been sentenced for felony possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, felony gun possession and felony posession of contraband in a correctional facility.

Traveler Detained for Smuggling Dried Deer Genitals

A Chinese woman was held by Russian authorities after reportedly failing to declare her extreme aphrodisiac.

Seized: The strangest pills in the world

Customs agents in Seoul, South Korea, seized thousands of illegally smuggled capsules. Shockingly, the contents of the capsules turned out to be the illegal and illusive dead baby powder, which some believe can cure disease and increase stamina. The pills, which are reportedly used mostly by laborers and hospital workers, came from China, and contained super [...]

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