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Pit bull attacks owner, rips her arms off

A Connecticut woman is recovering from a brutal attack by her son’s pit bull Tuxedo, that occurred outside the family’s rural home Monday. No one knows what provoked the attack, but the the victim was reportedly bitten from head to toe. In the end, she lost all of her left arm and part of her right in the attack.

Michael Skakel granted new trial

Just in time for the 38-year anniversary of the Halloween murder of Kennedy-cousin neighbor Martha Moxley, Michael Skakel, convicted in 2002 of her murder, has been granted a new trial.

Yale’s ‘Poopetrator’ Putting Human Feces in Students’ Clothes Dryers

Ivy League students may be a a lot of things, but it is refreshing to know that they are not above the humble, yet revolting, poop crime. Officials at Yale University are on the lookout for a person or persons responsible for placing human excrement in the clothes dryers at Saybrook College.

Facebook’s Silent Child Porn Problem: 2 Leaks in 1 Week

If you see one of your Facebook friends sharing an innocuous link with the caption "Watch this if you’re curious," for the love of God do not click through. It leads to a child porn video—and a virus, which takes over your account and starts peppering all your friends with the same treacherous link

Michael Bruce Ross: Staring Death in the Face

On March 1, 1982, Paula Perrera hitched what would be her last ride from Cornell University student Ross, aka The Roadside Strangler. Ross mentioned her after his arrest saying, "as soon as I saw her (Paula), she was dead."

Man Bites off, Swallows Cousin’s Earlobe Over Loud Music

Emilio Mendoza, 27, of Stamford, Conn., has been arrested after a fight with his cousin Ruiz Clemente-Perez, 29, left Clemente-Perez in serious need of a doctor and a prosthetic earlobe.

UPDATE: Adam Lanza, Not Ryan Lanza, Identified as Deceased Suspect in Newtown School Shooting

It was initially reported that the name of the suspect in this morning’s Newtown, Conn., school shooting was Ryan Lanza. Now it has been reported that the shooter’s name is Adam Lanza, not Ryan Lanza, and that the two are brothers. CBS reports that Adam, 20, was dead at the scene, and Ryan, 24, has been taken into custody for questioning.

At Least 26, Mostly Children, Dead in Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

The nation is reeling once again as news of yet another incident of mass murder has broken. Authorities in Connecticut say at least 27 people, 18 of them young children, are dead after a gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook elementary school in the Fairfield County suburb of Newtown.

Woman Accused of Driving Drunk on Hand Sanitizer

A Connecticut woman has been arrested on a DUI charge after police say she drank a half bottle of hand sanitizer. Jennifer Wilcox, 36, of Middletown, allegedly lost control of her vehicle October 5 and nearly crashed into another car. Police pulled her over and administered a breathalyzer test, which registered a 0.17, just over double the legal limit.

Update: Police Seek More Answers in Case of Son Mistaken for Robber

New Haven, Conn., police have reportedly shifted the focus of their investigation to discovering the dead youth’s reasons for sneaking around outside his home at one o’clock in the morning, armed and masked.

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