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Sante and Kenneth Kimes: Mother/son lives of crime

Sante was a grifter and a hooker when she met her third husband, millionaire Kenneth Kimes. With her son and lover Kenneth Jr., she graduated to a whole new level of crime — murder.

Skywayman: The story of Frank Abagnale Jr.

On the 65th anniversary of his birth we examine the criminal career of astonishingly clever scam artist Frank Abagnale, who made a fortune writing bad checks. He also posed for months successfully as a Pan Am pilot, a pediatrician, a Harvard-trained lawyer and even a professor.

A guide to religious gurus and fraudsters

Keep an eye out for these religious gurus and hucksters, some of them are still around. If a church is asking for an investment and promising a cash return, you know something is probably amiss.

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