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So why are school shooters always white guys?

With few exceptions, the school massacres we suffer in America are perpetrated by white boys in suburban areas. We try to understand why.

LISTEN: A Columbine Teacher’s 911 Call

This 911 call was placed by teacher Patti Nielson during the April 20, 1999, shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado. During the call, shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold enter the library where Nielson, three teachers and 52 students were taking cover.

Today in Crime History: Schools Across America Close in Fear of Attack

On April 30, 1999, the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s suicide, schools in several states shut down to investigate threats of attack. Ten days earlier on the 20th, Hitler’s birthday, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris perpetrated the infamous shooting at Columbine high school in Colorado.

Today in Crime History: The Columbine High School Massacre

At 11:35 a.m. on April 20, 1999, the 110th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birth, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold began a rampage through the corridors of Columbine High School that ultimately ended their lives. In their wake they left 13 dead, 25 injured, many seriously, and a town shaken to its core.

Today in Crime History: Barry Loukaitis Goes on a Killing Spree

On February 2, 1996, Barry Loukaitis decided that it would be "fun" to enter his algebra class with a high-powered rifle, two pistols, seventy-eight rounds of ammunition and go on a killing spree. What turns kids into killers?

FBI Investigates Facebook Invitation to a Spree Killing

Well some folks just can’t get enough spree murder in one summer! So, it seems one Facebook user thought to extend the fun through to the fall with an invitation to a killing spree. Of the 187 invitees, 37 planned to attend.

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