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Police: Suspect Confessed to Ridgeway Murder

At about 1:15 p.m. Mountain Time, October 24, 2012, police formally announced an arrest in the Jessica Ridgway abduction murder case: Austin Reed Sigg, 17, a minor, of Westminster, Colorado.

Investigators Confirm Ridgeway Murder and Lake Attack Are Connected

Investigators in the Jessica Ridgeway case have confirmed a that the murder case of the abducted ten year old, and an attempted abduction at Ketner Lake in May 2012 are linked, but have not yet released details of the investigation.

Police Explore Link Between Jessica Ridgeway Murder and Attempted May Abduction

The Westminster Police Department has announced that it is exploring the possibility of a connection between the abduction and murder of Colorado girl Jessica Ridgeway, 10, and an attempted abduction of a woman, 22, at Ketner Lake in May 2012.

Investigators Continue the Search for Jessica Ridgeway’s Killer

Now that the search for Jessica has ended police continue the search for her killer, who may be a local -area resident, and may even have attended her memorial service.

Update: Jessica Ridgeway Missing Child

One week after Jessica’s disappearance investigators are attempting to identify a body found seven miles from the site of her abduction, while FBI release tips to the public for identifying a possible suspect in this case. Federal investigators, not discounting a possible connection to an abduction that occurred three days after Jessica’s, have released a description of the suspect in that case and a photo and description of that vehicle.

Amber Alert Issued for Missing Colorado Girl, 10

Police have issued and Amber Alert in the case of missing child Jessica Ridgeway, who left her home Friday morning, but never made it to school. A backpack and a water bottle believed to belong to the missing girl, 10, were found by an area neighbor.

Man Sues Denver Over Jail Assault, Scalded Genitals

Jamal Hunter has filed a Complaint and Jury Demand against the City of Denver and several of its deputies for doing nothing in the face of the extreme abuse he suffered at the hands of inmates and deputies while incarcerated at the jail for a misdemeanor offense.

Man Arrested for Stealing Neighbor’s Sex Toys

A Greeley, Colo., woman began what can only be described as a journey to the Land of Weird, when on August 29, 2012, she returned home to find her house had been broken into, her collection of sex toys stolen and a strange pair of binoculars had been left on the bed.

FBI Investigates Facebook Invitation to a Spree Killing

Well some folks just can’t get enough spree murder in one summer! So, it seems one Facebook user thought to extend the fun through to the fall with an invitation to a killing spree. Of the 187 invitees, 37 planned to attend.

Colorado Man Arrested for Carrying Weapon to the Movies

James Mapes of Northglen, Colo. was arrested Sunday after terrorized Colorado movie patrons ran screaming from the theaters, claiming that there was an armed man inside.

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