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Missing Aurora Teen Raven Furlong Found Safe?

Missing teen seen at a shooting of American Ninja Warrior, and taken in for questioning. Despite assurances from police that Raven is fine, her family is skeptical, choosing to believe that she was coerced into a life of prostitution. Raven asks to be left alone.

Prosecutors to Seek Death Penalty for James Holmes in 2014 Trial

James Holmes killed 12 people and injured another 58 during his shooting rampage at a screening of “The Dark Knight.” Now Holmes faces death himself at the hands of the state.

The Disturbing Case of Colorado’s Missing Models

A series of missing women’s cases has garnered national attention after the missing young would-be models were all found to have had profiles on modeling social networking sites.

Pedophile as Victim in Creative Adoption Scheme

A Colorado couple was arrested after police say they were caught in a sting operation in which they set up a meeting with a pedophile, who was to bring his daughter, 6, to a motel for sex. When police intercepted the couple, however, it was obvious they were planning a sting of their own.

Diabetic Man Convicted of Using Insulin as Date Rape Drug

Diabetic Frederick Lawrence Allen, 31, of Boulder, Colorado, has been convicted of, insidiously enough, dosing a CU-Boulder student with his insulin and then raping her. He is set to be sentenced in April.

Colorado Police Ask for Help Solving Possible Serial Killer Cold Cases

Cold-case detectives investigating Colorado’s 1,500 unsolved homicides believe that 24 of those are the work of an as-yet unidentified serial killer, and they are asking the public for help solving the cases.

Inebriated Man Threatens, Tasers Grandmother, Great Aunt

Well, it was inevitable: America’s love-affair with the Taser has moved to the home front. Alec Arapahoe, 20, of Longmont, Colorado, was arrested on January 5, 2013, for using a stun gun to menace and taser his grandmother and great aunt, one of whom is 66 and the other 63.

Heather Jensen Arrested in 2012 Overheating Death of Sons in SUV

The recently widowed, former mother-of-two boys, who left them to stifle to death in a hot SUV in November 2012, has been arrested on charges of negligent homicide. Depending on what information detectives uncover, it is possible that the children’s deaths could be reclassified as homicides at a later time.

Colorado Toddlers Left in SUV Die — of Heat Exposure in January

Police in Mesa County Colorado are investigating the strange case of two toddlers who died of hyperthermia when they were left in their mother’s SUV for 90 minutes with the heat on.

Triple Murder-Suicide in Colorado Leaves Four Dead

A chilling, and very short, 911 call was received, "’No, no, no,’ and then gunshots. … A male party then picks up the phone and says he’s going to kill himself. The dispatcher hears another gunshot."

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