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Accused man blames DNA evidence on his twin

An army officer accused of sexually assaulting several young girls in Colorado is planning to use the prosecution’s DNA evidence to point to another suspect — his identical twin brother.

Colorado man shoots self and buddy showing off new gun

Police in Colorado Springs were called to an apartment one evening in early October. No reason is stated for the call, though we are guessing that a shot was heard as well as a lot of screaming. There officers found two men suffering from gunshot wounds, Joseph Gunderson, 24, and an unidentified friend, who had both been admiring a new handgun when it accidentally went off

Scott Lee Kimball

Convicted small-time criminal Kimball convinced the FBI to release him and use him as a snitch. Little did agents realize, Kimball was a serial killer using them to go on a multi-state spree.

Jon Benet Ramsey grand jury indictment released

Fourteen years after a Boulder grand jury voted to indict John and Patsy Ramsey in the death of the daughter Jon Benet, the indictment was released to the public. Friday, Judge Robert Lowenbach turned over to reporters the four pages of charges signed by the grand jury foreperson (whose name was redacted). Although Lowenbach had [...]

Dr. Michael Swango: Serial Killer, MD.

On July 11, 2000, Dr. Swango pleaded guilty to killing three of his patients, and to fraud charges, but is suspected in as many as 60 murders of patients and co-workers. Nick named “Double-0 Swango” by his colleagues for the fact that so many patients that he came into contact with died soon after. Swango was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The Missing, Now Found: JoAnn Nichols and Dylan Redwine

The remains of two missing persons were found this week. JoAnn Nichols has been missing since 1985 and Dylan Redwine since November 2012. Both cases are being investigated as homicides.

Still Missing: Kara Nichols

The search for Kara Nichols, the missing aspiring model from Colorado continues as her 20th birthday comes and goes.

Death for Service Dog ‘Dutch’ Despite Media Campaign

Colorado Army veteran Jeremiah Aguilar took to the Internet when his dog Dutch was scheduled to be euthanized for biting a woman. Aguilar started a Facebook Page for Dutch and a petition. Public opinion is now strongly on Aguilar’s side, but a judge says he used social media to mislead the public about the facts of the case.

Woman Assaults Boyfriend for Singing Catchy Tune

Samantha Malson had reportedly been drinking all night and arguing with her boyfriend in celebration of his 26th birthday. Around midnight she put on the popular song Thrift Shop, which he started singing, badly, it would seem because Malson then did what many have only dreamt of doing under similar circumstances: she throttled him.

Woman Gets 20 Years in Severe Child Abuse Case

A Colorado woman has pleaded guilty in what a Mesa County Sheriff’s Office investigator said is the most severe case of child abuse he’d seen in his 24 years in law enforcement.

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