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Video: The Kinky Colonel’s confession

On February 7, 2010, Russell Williams, a high-ranking and medal studded member of the Canadian Forces, was ushered into a police interrogation room. Chiseled and confident, Williams was at first jovial, making small talk with the Detective Sargeant Jim Smyth. But it quickly becomes clear that Williams isn’t there to pal around with fellow men of service.

Your Daily Creepout: Killer Canadian Colonel plays panty dress up

A well-respected base commander in the Canadian Air Force, David Russell Williams led a double life. While playing the role of a wholesome husband and accomplished pilot, Williams was a panty stealing fetishist who later turned to murder. In a search of his home, police uncovered a stack of photos showing Williams modeling underwear he’d taken from women’s homes. The photos can be seen here.

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