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Facebook Post Helps Solve Cold Case Hit and Run Murder of Carolee Ashby

FBI and police in Fulton, New York, solved a cold case hit-and-run murder because of a Facebook post. The post led to a tip that helped them identify the driver of a hit and run that killed Carolee Saide Ashby, 4, on Halloween night 45 years ago.

Cold Case Update: Holly Bobo

Holly Bobo was abducted on April 13, 2011, as she left the house. Last week, nearly two years to the day after she was taken, a neighbor’s dog found what investigators believed was Holly’s purse. Today her mother, who saw the purse, confirmed that it is not her daughter’s.

Unsolved Child Murder: Erica Heather Smith

Ashburn, Virginia, teen Erica Smith was only 14 on July 29, 2002, when she told her younger brother Billie, 10, that she was going out to meet a friend. That was around lunch time. Erica never got to the friend’s house and she never came home.

Cold Case Update: Carey Parker Missing Since 1991

Carey Parker’s family noticed that the mother of three was missing in March of 1991. On the Facebook page dedicated to the missing young woman her sister explains that through one misunderstanding or another the family thought that a missing person report had been filed for Carey — but it had not.

Colorado Police Ask for Help Solving Possible Serial Killer Cold Cases

Cold-case detectives investigating Colorado’s 1,500 unsolved homicides believe that 24 of those are the work of an as-yet unidentified serial killer, and they are asking the public for help solving the cases.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: Dalton Mesarchik

On March 27, 2003, fishermen found the body of 7-year-old Dalton Mesarchik in the Vermillion River, two and a half miles south of his hometown, Streator, Ill. He’d been bludgeoned to death with a hammer. Dalton vanished the evening before, while waiting for a church van in front of his house. Nine years later, Dalton’s murder remains unsolved.

Bodies of ‘In Cold Blood’ Killers Exhumed, Samples Taken

The bodies of Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, the men convicted and executed for the infamous November 1959 Clutter family massacre in Kansas that formed the basis for Truman Capote’s award-winning novel In Cold Blood, have been exhumed and bone sample taken in an effort to solve a 1959 cold case in Sarasota County Florida.

Better Late Than Never: Man Sentenced for 1957 Murder

On the evening of December 3, 1957, Maria Ridulph, 7, was out playing in the fresh snow with friends near her home in Sycamore, Illinois. She was snatched off a street corner and and the subsequent search made national headlines until her body was found a few months later in a field 120 miles away. More than five decades later, justice finally came for the man convicted of her killing.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: Mary F. Kelly

On April 21, 1988, 28-year-old Mary Kelly left her home in Bel Air, Maryland, to meet a friend for drinks and never returned. Months later, a construction crew found her body in a wooded area. Her killer has never been found.

Cold Case Update: Unidentified Murder Victim Found in Barren County Ky. Was Scalped

Kentucky State Police are investigating the disturbing unsolved murder of an unidentified Native American woman, who was found scalped and shot to death in a wooded area, as a possible hate crime.

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