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Will social media help solve an 11-year-cold triple murder?

One victim’s son thinks so. Bank teller Sylvia Holtzclaw’s son David posted a video on Youtube about the case in hopes that reaching out through social media will lead to some new information that will solve the murders.

Girl in the photograph: The Tara Calico disappearance

University of New Mexico sophomore Tara Calico disappeared riding her bike almost 26 years ago; her unsolved case still inspires rumors. Months after she vanished, a photo discovered in a Florida parking lot gave Tara’s family new hope of finding the popular and active young woman. But is that really her in the picture?

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: Shondra May

On February 4, 1986, 17-year-old Shondra May disappeared. Her ’85 Isuzu was found less than 100 yards away from her home in Scott County, Miss. A path of three footprints in the snow led out of the vehicle and then abruptly stopped. Three weeks later, on February 26, Shondra’s body was found, naked, bound with tape, and wrapped in garbage bags, floating in Baker Creek outside Bolton. It was her 18th birthday.

Police arrest suspect in Holly Bobo case

Police have named Zachary Adams as a suspect in the case of missing Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo, abducted from her family home one morning in April 2011. No trace of Bobo was ever found, except a pool of blood next her her car in the car port.

Judy Hyams — A Lady Vanished

A woman who went to get an illegal abortion goes missing in 1965. 25 years later clues begin surfacing about her whereabouts — first a phone call to a radio station and then a letter to a Florida police department. The story of Judy Hyams doesn’t seem to have a conclusive ending, but here’s what we do know…

Today in Crime History: The body of Christa Worthington is found

On Jan. 6, 2002, the body of fashion writer Christa Worthington was discovered in her house on Cape Cod raped and stabbed to death, her famished two-year-old daughter clinging to her mother’s body. It would be three years before police would have a suspect.

Elderly Missouri Couple Arrested for Cold Case Murders of 40 Years Ago

So maybe opposites don’t always attract. A Missouri couple, both in their 70s, both arrested in late September 2013, is awaiting extradition to Wyoming each for killing their former spouses, and in the case of the man, for killing his adoptive sons too. How much each knew about the other’s past is still unclear.

America’s Unknown Child: The Boy in the Box

The badly beaten body of this murder victim, 4-6 years old, was found naked, wrapped in a worn blanket that had a green, white and rusty red block and diamond pattern, stuffed into a cardboard box that had once held a white bassinet purchased at JC Penney. He was dumped in a garbage-filled area on Susquehanna Road in Philadelphia in February 1957, and remains unidentified.

Police Solve 41-Year-Old Case While Trying to Identify Gacy Victims

Steven Soden was 16 when he disappeared while on a camping trip with his orphanage in April 1972. He and another boy, 12-year-old Donald Caldwell, were never seen again after the trip. This week, Soden’s family was relieved to learn that the young man’s death was not at the hands of notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: The Rising Fawn Jane Doe

On December 16, 1988, the remains of a female victim were discovered in the town Rising Fawn in Dade County, Georgia. The victim is believed to have been 16 to 25 years of age at the time of death. Authorities say she was sexually abused before her death. Cause of death was determined to be homicide, likely strangulation.

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