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Video: Serial Killer Edmund Kemper Describes Murdering His Mother

Also known as the Coed Killer, Edmund Kemper started out by murdering his grandparents at age 15. He went on to kill and decapitate six female hitchhikers, in order to have sex with their severed heads, often after an argument with his mother, Clarnell. Ultimately he killed and decapitated her too. In the following audio recording of Kemper describes her murder.

Today in Crime History: Edmund Kemper Confesses to Murder

On April 23, 1973, the Santa Cruz police received a call that they could not quite believe. It was from a phone booth in Pueblo, Colorado, from a twenty-four-year-old man who had eaten with them, drank with them, and talked with them for hours: Big Ed, or Edmund Kemper. And now he was telling them that he had committed murder.

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