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Slideshow: Bad clowns under arrest

A look at clowns’ legal troubles. Warning: This gallery contains images of clowns and may be disturbing to some readers.

Creepy Clown Update: Clown Says He’s Harmless, “Clown Catcher” Vows Resolution

The clown stalking an English village has been talking with the media. Meanwhile, an adversary emerged with the promise to catch the clown.

Today in Creepy: Sinister Clown Haunts English Village, Facebook

A mysterious clown is stalking an English town while creating a stir by anonymously posting on Facebook.

Performance Artist Arrested in France for Doing Dance with Chicken Tied to his Penis at the Eiffel Tower

South African performance artist Steven Cohen seems to be living in Paris, France, these days and is feeling pulled between the two countries, according to his lawyer, so he decided to put on a performance at the Eiffel Tower to evoke his crisis. The performance instead seems to have evoked calling the police and getting Cohen hauled out of there.

Today in Crime History: John Wayne Gacy is Executed

A solar eclipse darkened the sky in the middle of the day on May 10, 1994, the day that serial killer John Wayne Gacy was executed by lethal injection. Before being strapped to the gurney, Gacy had a picnic with family and then met with a Catholic priest to pray.

VIDEO: Street Clown Beat Down

For those of you who fear and hate clowns, this video shot by a passer by shows one clown, alas only one, getting wailed on by a cop. Warning: The video contains clowns..

Evil Clown Accused of Producing Child Pornography

The drummer for a band called “The Core of Your Nightmares” has found himself at the core of a federal child pornography case. According to a federal indictment Martin “Vlad” Evanick, 31, of Illinois has produced child porn and taken inappropriate photos of underage girls. Federal prosecutors say Evanick, who often dresses up as a creepy, blood-soaked clown, photographed himself having sex with an underage girl.

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