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Ohio’s Infamous Cleaning Fairy Sentenced to Probation

Cleaning Fairy Susan Warren of Elyria, Ohio, has pleaded guilty to attempted robbery after she entered a complete stranger’s house, did some light cleaning, rinsed a few dishes and left a bill for $75 with her phone number on a napkin.

Ohio Woman Susan Warren, aka the Cleaning Fairy, Pleads Guilty

Susan Warren first came to the attention of authorities in May 2012 after she decided to break into a complete stranger’s house — and tidy up. The homeowner was not amused. This week she pleaded guilty to charges of attempted burglary.

Woman Accused of Breaking Into Homes, Cleaning, Leaving a Bill

A woman, who is being called the “Cleaning Fairy,” is accused of randomly breaking into people’s homes and tidying up a bit before leaving a bill for her unasked-for services.

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